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Speaking Engagement

SoCal CX Meetup - How AI is Driving GTM Alignment, Oct 25, 2023

RevGenius - REVCON 2023 Speaker, Expanding Revenue Footprint through Customer-Centric Transformation in Customer Success, Oct 19, 2023


ClientSuccess - CS100 Summit 2023 Conference Speaker, Using AI to Transform Post-Sales Revenue, with Jan Young, Sept 27, 2023


RevGenius Webinar - How to Rebuild & Thrive After Layoffs, with Jan Young, Nir Kalish, and Sandy Yu, Sept 20, 2023


Matik's AI+CS Summit – How AI will Transform Customer Success: Reshaping Post-Sale Experiences and Preparing for the Future, August 24, 2023


Executive Roundtable: Leveraging AI for Customer Success, September 12, 2023

The Digital Customer Success Podcast - Creating Culture Around Effective Customer Success w/ Ralphie English, July 25, 2023 -


SuccessCOACHING & Success in Black  - Bringing Your Whole Self into the Workplace - October, 25, 2022

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