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Coaching & Consulting

1:1 Consultation For Individuals

Join me for a no-obligation, 20-minute 1:1 Discovery Session to explore your career aspirations and determine if my services align with your goals. It's a perfect opportunity to identify potential strategies and ensure our collaboration would effectively propel you towards career success.

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1:1 Consultation For Startups

Join me for a no-obligation, 1-hour 1:1 discovery session designed specifically for startups eager to build a robust CS organization. We will delve into your organizational needs, thoroughly explore your goals, and assess how my services can align with and support your vision.

CS Leadership Unleashed

  • Embrace radical strategy realignment that not only shifts traditional views but also propels your customer success team towards innovative practices that significantly enhance business value and post-sales revenue growth.

  • Ignite a company-wide customer-centric culture that not only guides your company to deliver impactful, memorable customer experiences but also builds the foundation for riving business value and post-sales revenue growth

Join us to unlock your leadership potential!

* CS Leadership Unleashed offers both a 6 week & 12 week program

Sync Up
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Level-up Your CS Career

"LEVEL-UP YOUR CS CAREER" is designed for the ambitious customer success professional ready to redefine their trajectory. Whether you're transitioning from CSM to Senior CSM or aiming for Enterprise, Strategic, or Principal CSM roles, our personalized coaching equips you with the tools to:

  • Transform your career landscape by navigating through the complexities of customer success with innovative strategies that offer not just growth but a significant leap forward in your professional journey.

  • Maximize business value and growth opportunities within your portfolio, leveraging your unique skills to influence outcomes and drive success, setting a new standard for what it means to excel in customer success.

Join us to break through barriers and elevate your career to new heights

* Level-Up Your CS Career offers both a 4 week & 8 week program

Hourly Consulting Session

Need advice for an industry-recognized CS Leader?

Book an hourly consulting session tailed to your needs.

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